Free DD Day Masterclasses Celebrate Legacy Of Delia Derbyshire

Delia Derbyshire Day (DD Day), a non-profit dedicated to preserving the legacy of pioneering electronic musician and synthesist Delia Derbyshire, has announced a series of free masterclasses.

The DD Day 2021 masterclass series will take place on the first Wednesday of every month, from July to November 2021.They will take place on Zoom from 19:30-2100 UK time.

These expert talks are free to attend, but reservations are required and limited to 100 attendees.

Here’s what they have to say about it:

“The overall theme for this year is imagination – how Delia overcame barriers and limitations and how we have had to do that over the last year or so. We will be referring to Delia’s archive, work and the creative approaches she and the pioneers of her time employed.

We’ll start with a bit of chat/interview with the host and link to Delia in general. Then there will be a more detailed presentation by the guest, unpacking something they want to focus on, offering insight and inspiration. Ending with discussion with host and live Q&A.

We have a live captioner for each event. Please tell us of any access needs when you book your ticket through Eventbrite.”

See the DD Day site for details.