Bitwig Studio 4 Now Available With Apple Silicon Support, New Operators & More

Bitwig has announced that Bitwig Studio 4 – a major update to their flagship digital audio workstation – is now available.

Bitwig Studio 4 introduces comping for audio clips, both in the Clip Launcher and the Arranger; a new set of Operators, for changing the chance, recurrence, and more of any note or audio event; Random Spread for any expression point (like per-note pitch, or audio panning); and Native Apple Silicon support on Mac, even allowing Intel and ARM plug-ins to work side-by-side.

Here are demos of the major new features:

Comping in Bitwig Studio 4:

Operators in Bitwig Studio 4:

Anti-Loops in Bitwig Studio 4:

Pricing and Availability:

Bitwig Studio 4 is available now with an intro price of $299 USD (normally $399). The upgrade is free for existing users with an active Upgrade Plan.