The Electro-Music Performers Organization (TE-EMPO) hosted a live streaming workshop and discussion with synthesist and ambient music artist Robert Rich last Sunday, and has now shared the video from the event, embedded above.

Robert Rich has been making music for over 40 years, creating unique soundworlds of microtonal tunings, DIY acoustic and electronic instruments and intricate rhythms. He’s released more than 50 albums, starting with Sunyata in 1982, and including collaborations with a wide range of ambient artists, including Steve Roach, Ian Boddy, B. Lustmord and others.

Rich also has an active career as a sound design, including work for film; presets and wavetables for hardware synths from E-Mu, Sequential, Synthesis Technology and others; and presets for software synths, including Camel Alchemy.

Rich, along with Carter Scholz, also developed the MIDI Tuning Standard, which supports microtuning on hardware and software synthesizers.

The two-hour workshop starts with an introduction from host Michael Hunter and then a discussion about Rich’s approach to sound design, microtonality, composing and more. This is followed by a wide-ranging Q&A session.

You can find out more about Rich and his music at his site.

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