Get 95% OFF “Sound Design Bundle” By Glitchmachines @ VSTBuzz

VSTBuzz launched a no-brainer deal on the Sound Design Bundle (€12 on sale) plugin collection by Glitchmachines.

Sound Design Bundle typically costs €228, but you can purchase it for just €12 until July 27th in this exclusive VSTBuzz deal. That’s a 95% OFF discount on a pretty capable collection of sound design tools.

Glitchmachines included four different instrument plugins in the bundle. Let’s take a closer look at each one.

Cataract ($69 value) – According to Glitchmachines, this virtual instrument is a “Segment Multiplexer for Electronic Music Production and Experimental Sound Design.” It comes with an arsenal of “sample scanners” and the usual modulation capabilities you’d expect from a Glitchmachines plugin. Long story short, Cataract will transform static samples into complex modulated sounds, including glitched-out soundscapes, evolving pads, background atmospheres, and more.

Quadrant ($69 value) – Glitchmachines describe Quadrant as a “Modular Sound Generator & Effects Processor”. It is a modular effect that you can place anywhere in the signal chain to implement havoc and sonic chaos. It comes with 180 presets to help new users get started.

Polygon 2.0 ($79 value) – Polygon is a hybrid sampler plugin that was specifically crafted as a sound design tool. Use it to create complex sound effects, layered sounds, and unique instrument sounds. Polygon combines a granular sampling engine with subtractive synthesis components to deliver tons of sound design firepower in a user interface that isn’t too complicated.

Cryogen ($59 value) – Cryogen is another modular SFX engine. It relies on a pair of buffer effects to generate all sorts of glitches, audio mangling effects, and sounds you’ve never heard before.

Whether you’re a professional sound designer or a music producer looking for some fresh sounds, the Sound Design Bundle by Glitchmachines is worth checking out.

Even if you’re not a fan of overly complex plugins (welcome to the club!), Glitchmachines included more than enough presets with these plugins to help speed up the workflow. With plugins like these, I generally like browsing through a few presets to find interesting sounds and then continue from there to create something unique.

Speaking of VSTBuzz, they’re running another epic deal this week. You can get “The VLA Bundle” by Black Rooster Audio at an 85% OFF discount. We’ll post an article about this deal later today.

More info: Sound Design Bundle (95% OFF @ VSTBuzz)

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