GroundControl Room Is A Control Room Application For macOS

Ginger Audio has released GroundControl Room, a standalone control room application for macOS.

GroundControl Room provides virtual routing and monitoring features for your sound. It allows you to control your studio as you might with a professional mixing console.

With virtual audio drivers, you can feed audio into GroundControl Room from your system and other applications. It could be any combination of your audio interface(s), your DAW, and any podcasting/streaming apps, etc.

It makes it easy to control, monitor, and compare your mix through various outputs.

We recently covered Ginger Audio’s free GroundControl Cube, a lightweight routing solution.

GroundControl Room is more of a heavy-hitter, with five inputs and up to five outputs. The fifth input is pre-configured for talkback and routed to the Cue Mix (output five).

With so many inputs/outputs, you have more than enough for the typical home studio setup. It’s ideal for comparison when mixing/mastering and great for handling multiple headphone mixes while recording.

Each input/output has a peak meter and individual volume control. You can even insert a plugin on any input, output, or main out.

The main out has mute, mono, and dim buttons as well as a large, central main out level and meter. The mono button should come in very useful when you need to make sure everything sounds as it should in mono and stereo.

A virtual solution doesn’t have the feel of a physical console, but with MIDI learn, you can use a MIDI controller to operate GroundControl.

Here’s more info about GroundControl Room:

“Upgrade your studio with GroundControl Room – a digital Standalone control room application. GroundControl Room lets you patch between any audio devices available in your system (an audio interface, internal speakers, etc.) as well as GC virtual drivers. With GroundControl Room, you can Route your audio, process it with plugins, monitor, and mix – all in one place.”

You can buy GroundControl Room for £34.45, with a free download available to evaluate the product. The free download runs in Demo Mode, and audio stops every ten minutes, but it gives you plenty of time to make your mind up.

GroundControl Room seems like a good step up if you need something a bit more substantial than Cube. It has some great features, and most importantly, it makes routing, switching, and comparing easy.

As of the time of writing, the latest M1 chip and macOS version are both supported.

More info: GroundControl Room (€41.99)

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