New Behringer MS-5 Synthesizer A Roland SH-5 Knockoff

Behringer today shared a teaser for their MS-5 synthesizer, what appears to be a knockoff of the Roland SH-5 synthesizer from the 70s.

The images are of an early mockup or prototype, based on Behringer’s Poly D form factor. The Behringer MS-5 replaces the modulation panel and the top panel of the Poly D with panels based on the SH-5:

The original Roland SH-5 is a monophonic analog synth from 1976. While the SH-5 has the same basic architecture of other monosynths of the era, it has several features that extend its sound design possibilities.

Where many 70’s monosynths offered a single LFO, the SH-5 offers two, giving you more flexible modulation options. Where other monosynths offered a single low-pass filter, the SH-5 offers dual filters, one with multi-mode options and another a bandpass filter. Other rare features for the era include a sample-and-hold and stereo panning.

Here’s a demo of the original, via synth4ever:

Pricing and Availability

The Behringer MS-5 appears to be in the very early stages of development, so details on pricing and availability are to come.

via Andreas, FB