Modal Argon Synths Updated With New Firmware, 300+ Presets

Modal Electronics has announced the availability of v2.4 firmware for their Argon Series synthesizers, along with a new volume of factory presets.

Here’s what’s new in Firmware Version 2.4:

  • Added more LFO synced divisions
  • Added Extended Oscillator Drift to upper range of Drift control.
  • Added ‘Master’ Clock Source mode that always sends out MIDI clock
  • Improved MIDI reliability on macOS Big Sur
  • Improved arpeggiator sync when working with external sequencers
  • Improved expression pedal behaviour
  • Improved LFO1 sync when clocked from external MIDI

Volume 2 of the Factory Preset library for the ARGON8, ARGON8M and ARGON8X features 300 new presets, plus 100 MPE-ready patches currently available in the existing Volume 1 library.

See the Modal site for details.