SOMA Laboratory ENNER Performance Shows What Happens When Audio Signals Travel Through Your Body

In this performance, SOMA Laboratory founder Vlad Kreimer & creative director Sofia Rubinstein demonstrate what happens when audio signals travel through your body.

The video features the SOMA Labs ENNER, an analog synthesizer based on the principle being that all signals that make sound pass through and are managed by your body. Your hands become the central part of the circuitry.

Touching different contact pads with different parts of your fingers and palms with different amounts of pressure, letting signals pass through your body controls the mixing, volume, timbre, feedback and other parameters of synthesis.

And all the pots of ENNER are metallic and function as inputs or outputs, so touching pot can not only change the parameters, but also patch audio signals.

Details on the ENNER are available at the SOMA site.

Check out the performance and share your thoughts on the ENNER in the comments!