New Tomita Album, Rising Planet: Tomita’s Greatest Works of Space Music, Now Available

The music of Isao Tomita (1932 – 2016), like the music of many electronic music pioneers, has been hard to find on streaming services. Though he released more than a dozen albums, few of them are currently available.

A new album, Rising Planet – Tomita’s Greatest Works of Space Music, doesn’t fix that, but it at least makes some of his best tracks available to a new generation. The album brings together tracks from seven albums that were released on the Nippon Columbia DENON label in the last five years of Tomita’s life.

Here’s what the label has to say about the release:

What runs through all the tracks collected here is ‘space’.

This is a collection of best tracks by a superstar synthesizer artist who continued to embrace and depict his ‘longing for space’ until the end of his life.

Flying Lotus, who professes to be influenced by Tomita’s music and revealed that he was inspired by Tomita’s music even for his latest album “YASUKE”, which attracts both music fans and anime fans, has commented on his great predecessor.

“The sound of Tomita has been part of me for many years, I’ve used it in many different scenarios especially sleeping, the music of Tomita has shown me colorful visions and lucid dreams. These classical compositions are redefined and reimagined with such amazing sonics that, to me, are some of the most interesting sounds I’ve ever heard.

Tomita was ahead of his time and I’m so glad that there’s a new generation of listeners interested in his magic.”

Track List:

1. Mars

2. Itokawa and Hayabusa

3. Whistle and Chime – The Art of Sound Creation

4. 1ere Arabesque

5. Clair de Lune

6. Nuages

7. Rising Sun

8. The Sea Named “Solaris”

9. The Unanswered Question

10. Night on the Galactic Railroad

11. Rising of the Planet 9

Rising Planet: Tomita’s Greatest Works of Space Music is available now in digital/streaming formats.