Developers of Bela – a low-latency embedded computing platform for high-quality audio applications – shared this overview of Pepper, a DIY Eurorack Bela module for synth builders.

They say it’s the easiest way to get a Bela into your synthesizer case and, once assembled, will give you a fully programmable module. If you’re a developer, you can code synth patches using C++, Pure Data, Supercollider and Csound.

Pepper features:

  • Stereo audio I/O
  • 8 CV inputs (up to 4 can be swapped for trigger ins)
  • 8 CV offset potentiometers (normalised to analog inputs)
  • 8 CV outputs
  • 4 buttons
  • 10-LEDs

Topics covered in the video:

Start 0:00
Module overview 0:10
Tape-style Delay 1:08
Wavetable Drums 3:33
4 Channel Looper 6:09
Vocal Synthesis 9:22
1st Principles Drum Machine 11:50
Dual Inharmonic Oscillator 15:18

Pricing and Availability

Pepper is available as a bare-bones kit starting at £30 or as a full kit from Thonk for £209.50.

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