The “Sourdough” Video

  • 4/21/2021

    Mikey Ray Raw for Thunder Trucks

    Mikey Ray Raw for Thunder Trucks

    Mikey Ray lays down some Barley grinds switch and regs and hammers out a barrage of bangers for Thunder.

  • 3/12/2020

    Masher: The Big O

    Masher: The Big O

    Being confined means the Masher is even closer behind. Barros, Collins, Sandoval, Wooten and a host of other maniacs take on Montreal’s iconic O. Half of these moves seem impossible, but with the power of the Phelper tag, anything can be done. 

  • 7/17/2019

    Vans Park Series: Montréal Men’s Highlights

    Vans Park Series: Montréal Men's Highlights

    The talent is already off the charts in this Vans Park Series. But when these dudes start pushing each other, the level of skating is beyond belief.

  • 6/10/2019

    Independent’s “2019 Rip Ride Rally” Video

    Independent’s “2019 Rip Ride Rally” Video

    Skateboarding’s top concrete crushers slug it out on the insane terrain of Red’s Lincoln City, Oregon – parks, pits, dirt and destruction. Grindline the Band, Arctic, Bad Shit and many more provide the soundtrack as the crew pushes the limits for those who can’t. Pure mayhem and good times! Where were you?!

  • 2/04/2017

    Mikey Ray’s “Grab da Gauge” Part

    Mikey Ray's "Grab da Gauge" Part

    Mikey honors the proud tradition of handrail domination established by his Canadian forefathers, and also makes himself at home on every slab of terrain. This part is solid as a rock.