New Reverb Effect, Velvetverb, For Mac & Windows

Mod Sound shared this preview of Velvetverb, a modern algorithmic reverb for MacOS & Windows.

Velvetverb offers four reverb modes; detuning & chorusing; and is designed to create ‘larger-than-life’ stereo fields.


  • Four reverb modes – Velvet Room, Hall Effect, Plate Glass, and Dark Energy
  • Far-reaching control sweeps, from “natural room sounds, to swirling soundscapes, to warbling resonances, to otherworldly washes”
  • Larger-than-life stereo field impression, superwide responses to all input signals
  • Smooth, lively detuning and chorusing
  • Fine-grained control of reverb frequency response
  • GPU-accelerated stereo field visualizer
  • Built-in presets

Pricing and Availability:

Velvetverb is available now for $60 USD.