Proclethya Synthesizer Plugin Is FREE For A Limited Time ($39 Value)

Dymai Sound offers the Proclethya ($39 value) virtual synthesizer as a FREE download until July 31st, 2021.

Proclethya is a virtual analog synthesizer for Windows. It usually costs $39 (currently on sale for $29.95), but you can get it for free by entering the coupon code JLYFR31 at checkout.

According to the developer, doesn’t use samples nor wavetables. Instead, it relies on oscillator drift, distortion, and noise to emulate the sound of vintage analog synthesizers.

We’ve seen hundreds of virtual analog synthesizers in the past, both super-expensive and free, but I still get that fuzzy warm feeling when a new synth drops on the market. Especially when it’s free for a limited time.

And yes, I know, everyone’s looking for DSP innovation and fresh synthesis concepts but I’m still a sucker for simple analog synth sounds.

OK, let’s check out this relatively new plugin. It was released back in March, but the free download offer just popped up.

As for the GUI, let’s be honest, Proclethya looks amazing. I know that the sound quality is what’s important in a plugin but just look at this thing. It’s a beauty.

The synthesis engine is a dual-oscillator affair with sub and noise generators, FM, unison, multi-mode filters, an arpeggiator, and built-in effects. It’s definitely more than a bread-and-butter analog polysynth, but not too advanced, either.

Here’s a fun fact: the developer behind Proclethya is Dejan Subotin who also composed the soundtrack and created the sound effects for a videogame called Superverse (available on Steam).

You can hear the Proclethya plugin in action in the official demo video below.

Proclethya is available in VST2 and VST3 plugin formats for digital audio workstations on Windows (64-bit only). The developer states that a macOS version is “not available yet,” which could mean that macOS compatibility is coming sometime in the future.

For now, you’ll need a Windows-based DAW and a bit of patience (see the update below) to use the Proclethya synthesizer for free.

UPDATE: As expected with limited-time freebie offers like this one, the developer’s website seems to be experiencing some heavy traffic at the moment. As a result, you may get a “500 Internal Server Error” when visiting the download page, but it should work after a couple of tries.

Download: Proclethya (FREE with coupon code JLYFR31 until July 31st, 2021)

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