Elektron Recalls Power Handle For Model:Cycles, Model:Samples

Elektron has announced a recall for the recently introduced Power Handle BP-1 for the Model:Cycles & Model:Samples.

They say that, under certain circumstances, the Power Handle BP-1 can cause a short circuit, potentially posing a burn and/or fire hazard to consumers.

Background: Elektron has discovered a manufacturing error involving some Power Handles that may cause overheating in the battery handle and the cable attaching the handle to the Model:Samples or Model:Cycles. Initial research suggests that the issue affects a very small number of units.Elektron says that they have notified global consumer protection authorities and made the voluntary decision to initiate a full recall of the product.

What Owners Should Do

Due to the possibility of safety risks, Elektron has decided to recall all the Power Handles in the market.

They ask that you:

  • Stop using the Power Handle immediately
  • Unplug the Power Handle
  • Remove the batteries
  • Contact them to get a full refund

See the Elektron site for details.