Kenton Intros Interchanger Smart MIDI Patch Bay

UK MIDI specialists Kenton Electronics has introduced the Interchanger, a flexible programmable MIDI patch bay that they say is as useful on stage as it is in the studio.

The Interchanger offers a wide range of MIDI Ins and Outs, including 8 DIN MIDI inputs, 8 DIN MIDI Outputs, 4 USB Host ports, a USB Device Port, a 16×16 routing matrix that lets you route any combination of inputs to any combination of outputs:


  • 8x DIN MIDI inputs and outputs on the back panel. Pairs 7 & 8 are also duplicated on the front panel for easy access – which input is active is set in the configuration.
  • 4x USB ‘host’ ports for up to 4 class compliant USB MIDI devices, each of which can be a source and destination in the routing matrix.
  • USB ‘device’ port to allow the Interchanger to be connected to a computer, where it appears as
  • 4x inputs and outputs that can be used as sources and destinations in the routing matrix.
  • 16×16 internal routing matrix (8x DIN I/O, 4x USB host, 4x USB device) – any combination of inputs can be routed to any combination of outputs.
  • Multiple operations can be chained at each intersection on the routing matrix – including MIDI merging, filtering, scaling, transposition and message transformation.
  • Fully programmable on the unit itself, although a remote editor program is planned as well.
  • Can store and recall 255 patches, as well as 255 scenes. As part of a scene, the Interchanger can send out MIDI program changes and bank select messages for each channel on each port.
  • Has a dedicated 3-digit LED display showing the current scene number for easy visibility.
  • Dual assignable footswitch inputs.
  • Multiple units can be linked together for an expanded routing matrix.
  • 1U rack unit with removable ears.

Pricing and Availability:

Kenton says that the Interchanger is still in development, so details on pricing and availability are to be announced.