Apple Back to School 2021: deals on MacBooks, Apple Watches and iPads Apple Back to School

Apple Back to School sale: quick links

If you want a new Apple product, the Apple Back to School sale is the perfect time to buy it. Right now we’re seeing some incredible deals geared towards people heading back to school – whether high school or college. And we’ve listed all the best ones here. 

As lockdown measures ease, the prospect of a normal return to school in September is a reality, and people will be needing their kit. Others will still want to take the opportunity to stock up on the best gear to make the most of schooling from home. Either way, if you’re a fan of  Apple’s brand of cutting edge, beautifully designed tech, this is the article for you. Below you’ll find everything you need to make sure you resume your studies well-kitted out.

It’s rare to find deals directly from Apple itself, but the tech giant does occasionally feel generous, and now is one of those times. The Apple Back to School sale is underway and looks set to continue until October 2021 (and we will be covering it and reporting back here every day). The 2021 sale is one of its best yet, with Apple giving away free AirPods worth around $160/£160 with every purchase of a Mac or iPad.

Below you’ll find the best Apple back to school deals that we can find right now, both at Apple and at other retailers. Be sure and check out our wider selection of the best Apple deals available around the world too. You should also check out our guide to getting Apple student discount and our breakdown of the very best iPad cases out there.

Top deals

In one of the best deals we’ve seen from Apple for a long time, the tech giant is giving away free AirPods with a huge range of tech devices, from iPads to Macbooks and iMacs. Considering that these fantastic earbuds retail at around $160/£160, it’s a great saving to take advantage of. Click on the links below to get this deal on the product that you’re interested in.

Apple Back to School sale 2021: US

Apple Back to School sale 2021: UK

MacBook deals

Apple Back to School: The best Mac deals in the US

Apple Back to School: The best Mac deals in the UK

iPad deals

Apple Back to School iPad deals: US

Apple Back to School iPad deals: UK

Apple Pencil deals

Apple pencil deals: UK

iPhone deals

Apple Back to School iPhone deals: US

Apple Back to School iPhone deals: UK

Apple Watch deals

Apple Watch deals: US

Apple Watch deals: UK

Apple AirPods deals

Apple Back to School AirPods deals: US

Apple Back to School AirPods deals: UK

Apple Music deals

How to get a student discount at the Apple Education Store

In order to qualify for the official Apple Back to School sale deals, you need to make sure you can get an Apple student discount. This is available to the following people: 

  • Students in higher education
  • People purchasing for educational institutions
  • Parents of students purchasing on their behalf

This may differ slightly depending on your location, so be sure to check Apple’s terms and conditions for full details specific to your area. Once you’ve identified that you qualify, you then need to verify that. Again, how you do this varies in different regions. 

How to get an Apple Student discount in the US 

1. Visit the Apple US Education Store (from your university network, if possible).
2. Make sure you have access to some for of ID, such as a student ID card, which proves you qualify for the education discount.

How to get an Apple student discount in the UK

1. Visit the Apple UK Education Store
2. You’ll be asked to sign up for student discount website UNiDAYs, which you will need to do in order to access Apple offers.
3. Here you will need to provide your email address, a password, your name, place, subject and length of study.
4. Once completed and registered successfully, Apple offers will become available.

Alternatively, if you’d prefer to go through Apple directly, there is also the option to use its Apple chat online feature, visit an Apple Store or call Apple, where staff can guide you through the process.