Get 70% OFF Output’s Essential Engines @ Native Instruments

Native Instruments are offering Output’s Essential Engines bundle for its lowest price to date at €349. The company is also offering a 50% OFF discount on individual Output products.

Writing about music means that there’s a lot of different stuff passing through my hands every week. A lot of it is good, some of it is great, but occasionally, you see something that immediately clicks.

Output’s stuff was exactly that – inspiring, musical, great-sounding, and easy to use, all wrapped up in a fantastic UI.

Here’s how the team at Native Instruments describes Output’s bundle:

“Output’s Essential Engines is one of the hottest collections in the game, packing seven engines that include strings, sub-bass, and platinum-ready reverse instruments. For a limited time, you can get over 70% off all seven, or take your pick and save 50% on the individual engines.”

But they are a bit pricey. And if you want to get all the engines, as a bundle, that’s still pretty steep.

Luckily for you, NI is currently offering all Output core engines for 70% off at a grand total of €349. And if you don’t want the entire bundle, you can still get individual engines at a 50% discount.

That’s not exactly free, but it’s a great bargain for what you get. Which is this:

  • Exhale – A powerful vocal engine that can completely change the huge number of samples it comes with.
  • Signal – An engine exclusively for rhythmic pulses. I wasn’t confident in its usefulness at first, but the demo really sells it.
  • Substance – This one is legitimately crazy. There’s so much bass here it’s insane. By far Output’s most in-depth product.
  • Analog Brass & Winds – This is a very interesting one. While the recordings are genuine, the engine gives the whole thing a very organic sound that’s not distinctly physical. Almost hybrid-like. Really cool.
  • Analog Strings – Another winner. Similar to the Brass & Winds engine, but for strings. Sounds like a modern take on classic string machines. There are some actual recordings of string instruments too, but it doesn’t take long for the whole thing to go out of control.
  • Rev – The OG. A sound design tool based on reversing samples – but WAY more in-depth.
  • Rev X-Loops – Same same but different. An alternate-universe version of the Rev with.

If you’d like to hear them in action, check out the demo video embedded below.

At the time of writing, the bundle is available for six more days, so if you’re interested, be sure not to miss out!

More info: Output Essential Engines Bundle (70% OFF until August 11th)

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