Nintendo Switch OLED pre-order live NOW: UK stock dropped in Very and Argos Nintendo Switch OLED pre-order

The Nintendo Switch OLED pre-orders are out now in the UK, and ready to pre-order in many countries around the world including the US, and we’re pretty excited about it, even though the actual on sale date of the new console is 8 October 2021. 

The pre-orders went live on 15 July, but swiftly sold out around the world, and yet if you’re in the UK you can still put your pre-order in over at Very and Argos. For readers in other countries – fear not! We’ve seen pre-order stock come in and out on the various online retailers that we’ve been keeping an eye on, so we advise you bookmark this page and find out the moment new pre-order booking come in. 

Retailing at $349.99/£309.99, the new addition to the Switch roster costs a little more than the original Switch, but comes with a stunning – yes, you guessed it – OLED screen. 

Though we love new game consoles like the PS5, we’ve got a soft spot for the handheld portable console from Nintendo – and from the reaction that we get when we post about new deals so, it would seem, do you. Now’s your chance to get a brand-spanking new one.

Nintendo Switch OLED pre-orders: UK

There is currently pre-orders available at Very and Argos in the UK, as of Friday 6 August, so that should be your first port of call. In fact, that’s the only place that we’re going to direct you for now, as that’s the only place that’s offering the sought after consoles. Good luck! 

Nintendo Switch OLED pre-orders: US

We’ve picked all the best retailers that have offered pre-orders of the Nintendo Switch OLED on a regular basis below. As with the PS5 console pre-orders, we’ve already seen pre-order availability come and go – quickly – so be sure to come back to this page and check regularly, as we’ll be updating the links as soon as pre-orders appear. 

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