David Reyes’ “Thank You” Part

  • 12/25/2020

    Tired Video 2020

    Tired Video 2020

    Slower, lower and doper than ever before, Tired dusts off the dad cam, stackin’ clips with a host of all-time legends. Cut up the curbs this Christmas.

  • 9/10/2020

    adidas’ “Reverb” Video

    adidas' "Reverb" Video

    Daewon, MJ, Silas, Busenitz, Heitor, Niels, Lil Dre, Suciu (and more!) scour the planet, crushing granite and laying down lines in adidas’ 2019 epic flick. Gustav’s curtain-closing part is gonna mess you up—again. 

  • 3/14/2020

    Jake Phelps Lifetime Retrospective

    Jake Phelps Lifetime Retrospective

    It’s been a year but the love keeps flowing. We’ve added new testimonials to this retrospective page. Take a few moments and soak up more stories from the life and times of Jake Phelps. 

  • 2/13/2020

    Guy Mariano Pro Truck Release Party Photos

    Guy Mariano Pro Truck Release Party Photos

    Guy Mariano’s new pro truck is a cause for celebration, so Thunder hosted a private, invite-only skate jam at his park in North Hollywood with some heavy rippers, cold bevs and a taco truck. Plunkett got some tag-along birthday cheer too!

  • 12/03/2019

    “You Good?” Premiere Photos

    "You Good?" Premiere Photos

    All the good homies came out to watch Foy, Zion and Midler go absolutely buck in Red Bull’s new vid: You Good? Free vodka and Red Bulls all night? Damn right there was a crowd!