Native Instruments has introduced Ashlight, the third in their trilogy of Kontakt instruments exploring granular synthesis, along with Straylight and Pharlight.

While Straylight focused on ‘sci-fi-esque’ sound design and Pharlight explored vocal-based granular textures, Ashlight focuses on what they call the ‘the darker side of granular’:

“Ashlight concludes the granular trilogy with monochrome soundscapes, pulsing textures, intricate leads, and cold atmospheres. It combines a specially-recorded sample library with grain and sample playback modules in a powerful engine with intuitive modulation controls for scoring shifting intensities, from edge-of-your-seat sweeps, to introspective keys, and world-shaking walls of sound.”


  • Real-time cinematic texture instrument designed for immersive atmospheres, pulsating bass textures and evocative keys
  • Increase intensity and expression with specialized macro controls
  • 320+ master Snapshots
  • 263 grain source sets, 100 sample sets
  • 4 GB uncompressed samples

Note: NI says that Ashlight needs a fast CPU to run and requires an Intel i5 processor or higher.

Pricing and Availability

Ashlight is available with an intro price of $149 USD (normally $199).

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