Even Microsoft is laughing at the Xbox Series X name X Box Series X

Microsoft’s Xbox consoles have been the topic of many a meme, not least because of their mind-melting taxonomy. We’ve had the One S, the One X, and then the Series S and the Series X – but of course the One X is more powerful than the Series S despite launching first. Confused? You’re not alone. And now even Microsoft is embracing the chaos.

The company has joined in the meme game, openly mocking its own naming conventions – or lack thereof. The official Xbox Instagram has posted a video showing an Xbox Series X, an Xbox Series X box, an ex-boxed Xbox Series X next to its box, a series of ex-boxed Xbox Series X next to their boxes… we’ll stop trying to explain, take a look at it below (and see our roundup of the best Xbox deals for the best prices on the current range).

“We’ll keep going until someone tells us to stop,” the company threatens at the end of the video, and we believe them. We’ve seen Microsoft lap up jokes at its expense before when it embraced memes comparing its latest machine to a fridge by actually building an Xbox Mini Fridge (it’s due for release in time for Christmas 2021, if you’re wondering). 

It remains to be seen whether Microsoft embracing the Xbox name memes will kill the trend. In the meantime, most of its followers just want to know when the Series X will actually be in stock. “If only stores still had Xbox Series X in a box in stock 😔,” one person commented. “There’s more Xbox Series X’s in this post than there are on the market,” someone else quipped. Others lament that for now, they’ll have to make do with the fridge. “One day we’ll be able to all get one and shitpost about them. Until then, I’ll nab that minifridge,” one user wrote.

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