Is The Oberheim OB-Xa The Sweet Spot’ Of Oberheim Synths?

In this video, synthesist and sound designer Julian Pollack (J3PO) shares his thoughts on the Oberheim OB-Xa, a vintage analog polypohonic synth design from 1981.

In the video, Pollack dives into the OB-Xa’s strengths and limitation, discussing why its old-school design gives it a unique sound that holds up well, even if the synth doesn’t offer the flexibility of some modern synths.

“The Oberheim OB-Xa is my personal favorite vintage poly synth of all time,” notes Pollack. “In this video, I tell you – and show you – why.”

Topics covered:

00:00 Introduction
00:51 My personal introduction to the OB-Xa
02:45 Brief history of the OB-Xa and Tom Oberheim
06:04 The beauty & quirks of the OB-Xa
17:33 Patch creation
31:33 Final Thoughts
32:14 Outro

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