New Finnish Company, Pochard, Creates Effects Pedals Focused On Sound Discovery & Modularity

Finnish developer and ‘weird sound connoisseur’ Olli Heikkinen has launched a new effect pedal company, Pochard, that he says is focused on sonic discovery and modularity.

“We think there are no wrong sounds and embrace all sorts of aesthetics,” explains Heikkinen. “In our devices, there is a possibility to dial broken or weird kind of sounds as well as the beautiful ones. We think that it’s important to give the user the experience to go just a little bit further.”

Their first pedal is Bear in Blue, an electric signal distortion unit, paired with a Steiner-Parker-inspired state variable filter and dry mixing output stage. The filter section has control voltage capabilities. It is designed with bass, guitar and synthesizers in mind.

Here’s an demo of Bear in Blue in action:

Pricing and Availability

Bear in Blue is available now for 258 € inc. VAT. More examples of the Bear in Blue, along with creative approaches to sound design with pedals, are available at the Pochard blog.