Want the 2020 Apple MacBook Air for less than £500? Here’s how Back to school MacBook Air deals

If you’re on the hunt for a new laptop, take a look at this amazing deal from Currys. Already offering an impressive £101 off the retail price of the 2020 MacBook Air, the company is also running a deal that means you could potentially save a further £400, taking the total cost of the laptop down to just £498

So how can you get such a deal, we hear you cry? If you’ve got an old device lying around, you can visit the Currys website to get a trade in valuation. Items include laptops, tablets. mobiles and smartwatches, with the highest trade in value coming from a working 2017, 128GB MacBook Air. The catch is devices need to be in good working order, and the price you get depends on the value of your item. 

If you’re reading this thinking you don’t have anything to trade-in, don’t worry. Right now, Amazon has a cracking deal that shaves a huge £149 off the 2020 MacBook Air, taking the total cost down to just £849.97 – that’s the best non-trade in price available in the UK right now. 

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Best MacBook Air deals in the UK

Best MacBook Air deals in the US

Here are a few more deals on the 2020 MacBook Air, wherever you are in the world…