Sony’s PS5 gets an epic custom Spider-Man makeover A Sony PlayStation 5 and Spider-Man on a gradient red and blue background.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you may be aware of Sony’s controversial PlayStation 5 design. The glaringly white and inconveniently large console has been mocked for resembling something similar to a WIFI router, an arch file and even a shirt collar – but one player has taken it upon themselves to revamp the much-criticised PS5. 

Using only Posca pens, an artist has created a vibrant design featuring our friendly neighbourhood Spiderman bursting onto the console in bold shades of green and blue. If you are yet to get your hands on one, here’s where to buy a PS5.

customized_my_ps5 from r/playstation

The design, presumably inspired by the incredibly popular PlayStation-based Spiderman games, received rave reviews on Reddit from the internet, with users asking whether the artist, International-land39, would start selling their work on Etsy. Others, meanwhile, were drawn to the fact that the large white sides of the console act like a canvas for creatives to make their own PS5 designs. 

This electrifying design reminds us of the incredible Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse animation. With its bold contrasting colours and comic book-style detailing, we are sure that even Peter Parker would geek out over this PS5. This isn’t the first PlayStation 5 mod that has blown our mind, though, one gamer modded their PS5 to create the world’s coolest PS5 – quite literally. 

customized_my_ps5 from r/playstation

customized_my_ps5 from r/playstation

Sony are in the works of redesigning the PS5 for stock demand (although we reckon it might have something to do with current design being so heavily scrutinised) but in the meantime we love seeing players get creative and makeover their own PS5s. If you’re fed up of waiting for the PS5 to come back in stock, then you can get your video game fix with these Nintendo Switch deals.

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