Gotharman’s Urano Modular Groovebox Now Available To Preorder

Gotharman Musical Instruments has introduced the Urano, a modular synthesizer that lets you create connections between modules and then save module settings, sequences and sample assignments for instant recall.

It can be used standalone or integrated with other modular gear, using 16 CV/Gate patch points.

The Urano lets you create 8 parts, usinng 67 modules. The modules include:

  • 8 Oscillators – Waveforms, noise, drum oscillators, samplings, wavetables.
  • Up to 4 analog filters. Compatible with the Gotharman filter board system.
  • 8 digital filters – 27 filter types. Standard filters, triple filters, sharp filters, tube filters…
  • 8 VCA’s – with ADSR envelope, various curves and a clip parameter. Can be triggered by any source.
  • 8 Effects Processors – Many of the LD effects plus a new reverb, a wavefolder and some new pitch effects.
  • 8 LFO’s – With variable waveform and curve. Key syncable.
  • 8 Envelopes – ADSR + decay envelope with loop options. Can be trigged by any source.
  • 5 Random Generators.
  • 4 Ring VCA’s.
  • 2 Mixer modules, that can add extra inputs to any module.
  • Output module – Sends up to 8 sources to the outputs, and handles the stereo panning.
  • Trigger Input module – Assign the trigger inputs to parts and sequencer functions.
  • Trigger Output module – Sends any sources to the trigger outputs.
  • CV Output module – Send any sources to the CV outputs. Can scale to 1V/oct and 1.2V/oct.

Here’s an quick demo of creating patches:

Gotharman’s Urano: Analog Filters

Gotharman’s Urano: WaveTable

Gotharman’s Urano: Digital Filters

Pricing and Availability

The Urano is available to preorder, with pricing starting at EUR 1979, depending on configuration.

via Felix, Andreas