IK Multimedia 25th Anniversary Group Buy (Ends On August 31st)

IK Multimedia is celebrating its 25th Anniversary with a pretty sweet birthday deal. The company’s 25th Anniversary Group Buy offer runs up until the 31st of August, so there’s still a little bit of time left to join.

When you purchase one of the qualifying plugins or tools, you get to select another one of equal or lesser value for free. Every purchase gains you another free product to their group buy counter – and you can help build this counter until you’re able to purchase 25 products for the price of 1.

Account-holders can also use their Jam Points to reduce the prices of their products. All in all, this is where your customer loyalty will pay off.

With each 1,000th customer, everyone gets one additional plugin for free. At the time of publishing this article, the sale has 9,221 participants.

In other words, you will get at least 9 free IK Multimedia plugins if you join the Group Buy right now.

So, there’s still a chance to get an additional freebie if the sale reaches 10,000 participants by tomorrow. In that case, IK multimedia will extend the sale until the end of September!

If you’re not familiar with IK Multimedia, they’re a great team of minds behind some seriously handy mixing and emulation plugins. They’re particularly useful for both multi-instrumentalists and sound engineers that focus on mixing live or studio recordings.

  • The AmpliTube 5 Collection is an absolute feast for guitarists that enjoy amp and tone emulations. Amplitube also includes an impressive collection of signature pedals and amps from big names like Fender, Marshall, and Orange.
  • T-RackS 5 is a simple, user-friendly workstation for mixing and mastering. The series features a handful of analog emulations like compressors, limiters, and effects units that make for some seamless mixdowns.
  • ARC is an Acoustic Room Correction software. The plugin also comes with a mic (not included in the group buy) that measures the spatial dynamics of your room and adjusts your monitor mix accordingly.
  • MixBox is a crazy collection of over 500 processing units for a variety of uses. This package includes some of the Amplitube and T-RackS tools, as well as a bevy of other emulations of classic analog processors.
  • SampleTank 4 is IK Multimedia’s composition workstation. It might seem a bit minimal to users of DAWS like Ableton or FL Studio, but Sampletank is deceivingly expansive and comes with a giant library of stock sounds and instruments.
  • Other live instrument emulations include a Hammond B-3X, Miroslav Philharmonik 2 (for symphony orchestration), and the Syntronik synth emulation packs.
  • MODO Drum and MODO Bass are instrument emulators that have a pretty convincing live sound, but special mention has to go to the MODO Bass plugin. The articulation options are stunning and you can really pull apart your compositions for some exquisite bass lines.

Teamwork makes the dream work with this deal, and the more people get involved, the more everyone gets out of it. There are enough tools IK Multimedia offer to build an entire live band and studio inside your DAW for just a fraction of the price and labor.

Check out the walkthrough video below to learn how to join the offer.

And here’s more info from IK Multimedia:

“IK’s 25th Anniversary Group Buy gives you an unbelievable way to expand your music production setup with a massive selection of popular AmpliTube Collections, studio effects processors, and virtual instruments. Any time you purchase and register a qualifying product, you can choose 1 more software title of equal or lesser value for FREE!”

Most of the IK Multimedia software supports digital audio workstations on both Windows and macOS and is available to users worldwide.

More info: IK Multimedia 25th Anniversary Group Buy (offer ends on August 31st, 2021)

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