New Silhouette Eins Synthesizer Blurs The Line Between Sound & Image (Sneak Preview)

Developer Johannes Pit Przygodda shared this sneak preview of the Silhouette eins optical soundtrack synthesizer.

The Silhouette eins follows in the tradition of instruments like Evgeny Murzin’s ANS synthesizer and Daphne Oram’s Oramics Machine – devices that directly synthesized music from graphical scores.

“I dreamt I was surfing inside a wave of sound,” says Przygodda. “Since 1992, I’ve been looking for the way to get there. Since 2014, I’ve been building the instrument. Now it is here.”

The Silhouette Eins synthesizer is designed to bridge the worlds of visuals and sound. It features a camera and light table, which can be used to capture images that are translated into sound. It can also use photographs and videos as sources.

The source visuals are shown on a display, where you can select the area that is used to generate audio waves. You can manipulate and modulate the visual in order to change the resulting sound. You can also use tools like LFO’s and effects to create more complex sounds.

The Silhouette Eins also lets you output the display, so you can project the visuals that are generating the sound.


  • Live camera and light table
  • 1 optical soundtrack oscillator
  • 4 voices
  • 5 modulation waves
  • 7 modulation driver sources (LFOs, EGs, etc.)
  • 18 modulation addresses
  • Screen record
  • Reverb
  • Users can add their own content pictures and movies
  • Trackpad to move area and for edit functions
  • 37 full-size keyboard
  • Stereo output linkable to area position
  • Video output for audiovisual performance
  • External connections via MIDI

Audio Demos:

The Silhouette Eins is in development & the demo video was created with prototype #1.  Przygodda plans on debuting the synthesizer at Superbooth 2021, scheduled for Sept 15-18 in Berlin. See the Silhouette site for more information.