Polyend Tracker Update Adds Horizontal Pattern Editor & More

Polyend has introduced a firmware update for its Tracker workstation that adds horizontal pattern editing, new effects, adding effects to the line inputs and other improvements.

Here’s what’s new in Polyend Tracker v1.4:

  • Newly added Horizontal Pattern Edit Mode, to give you access to a more classic sequencing experience,
  • New step Fx’s – Arp, Slide, Gate Length, and Swing,
  • The Tune Fx in the Performance Mode now also works for MIDI notes,
  • Line Input passthrough now supports Delay and Reverb sends,
  • Mono support for Line Input passthrough,
  • Performance Mode now plays through the entire song
  • You can now switch between Perform screen and Instrument Parameters without breaking the performance,
  • Updated Title Bar is now also available in the Pattern Screen,
  • New MIDI output latency compensation (MIDI Instrument Parameters offset utility),
  • Overall bugfix and performance update

Pricing and Availability

The Polyend Tracker is available now for 599€/$649.