ASM Intros Hydrasynth Explorer, The First Minisynth With Polyphonic Aftertouch

ASM has introduced the Hydrasynth Explorer, a compact version of their innovative Hydrasynth keyboard.

The Hydrasynth Explorer is arguably the most powerful minisynth ever, featuring a very flexible synth architecture, battery-powered operation, a new ASM PolyTouch mid-sized keybed with polyphonic aftertouch, CV/Gate connectivity and more.

It features the same sound engine as the original Hydrasynth, with an advanced wavetable synthesis engine, 3 Oscillators, dual Wave Mutators and 2 filters that can be configured in series or parallel.

Here’s a performance video by Dominic Au:

In the performance demo, all sounds are generated by the Hydrasynth Explorer.

Patches in chronological order:

Juno60 Brass GD
GlassHartCR78 PS
Industrialism DA
Big Snare MP
BladeTitles PS
Haty KFP
Juno60 SquArp GD
Uncertn Futur CM
Violent AdjentDA
CS80 Darkness RA
LidoMono PS
Arpeology RA
Squeeze Lead AR
VHS Dreams MP
90124 SCD
PW Slow Brass AR
Wavescan GD
Pipeline DA
LukesLazr PS
Claudia Love DA
BeatPPL Bass KFP
Space Flight TM
ProSource GD
Ohhh GD
Mouge Police RA
VCO OctaveSaw RA
Kinda Hot DA
SndsLikeSkit DA
Kotover KFP
BrassAmerican RA
Suitcase MK2 RA
Sproingg PS
94 Zap! RJ
The Hi-Garden MF
Wet My Frog DA
Jaunty Chapeau
Arcade FP
Hydra Hat GD

See the ASM site for details.