This bizarre AirPods MacBook hack is driving the internet wild AirPods and MacBook Pro

We see plenty of Apple-related ‘hacks’ every day, and most of the time they’re hardly, well, hacks. Usually we get to enjoy that smug feeling of “yeah, we already knew it could do that” – but every now and again we see something that’s truly surprising or confusing. And here’s an example that falls squarely into both categories.

We were today years old when we discovered that, thanks to the power of magnets, we can stick our AirPods to the top of our MacBook screen. Why? Good question. But  Twitter is currently going wild for it. Check out our best Apple deals if this utterly useless hack has inspired you to invest in AirPods or a MacBook.  

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Of course, the magnets in AirPods or the MacBook weren’t designed to interact. The latter are to keep the laptop screen closed, while the former keep the AirPods tightly enclosed in their charging case. But hey, it’s fun to stick random objects together for no reason, right? And if you’re prone to losing your earphones (and haven’t invested in a set of AirPods earrings yet), at least it’s somewhere to store them. Although we’d still recommend using, you know, their dedicated case.

And then there’s the question of whether sticking your AirPods to your MacBook might damage them. Believe it or not, there’s no official documentation on the matter. But then again, Apple has been known to step in to discourage users from potentially damaging their kit – remember, don’t go sticking a plaster over your MacBook webcam.

We’ve heard plenty of exciting rumours about the supposedly upcoming AirPods 3, with the new buds said to be adopting an AirPods Pro-inspired design. Whenever Apple does decide to announce them, the question on everyone’s lips is bound to be: can they stick to a MacBook screen? 

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