Etnies Presents: “Nassim Lachhab in Créteil, Paris”

  • 9/10/2021

    Nassim Lachhab and Matisse Banc’s “VX Part” for Bronson

    Nassim Lachhab and Matisse Banc's "VX Part" for Bronson

    Bronson brings Nassim’s top-tier lines and Matisse’s high-speed bank moves together in one soulful clip that culminates in a killer final section set to Master P.

  • 9/30/2020

    Nassim Lachhab’s “Indy” Part

    Nassim Lachhab's "Indy" Part

    Morocco’s hubbas and gaps get worked by Nassim for Indy. Dude is a complete menace. 

  • 7/22/2020

    BLK.MARK’s “Disorder” Video

    BLK.MARK's "Disorder" Video

    This all-terrain crusade goes from Spain to France and beyond with double-set destruction and idyllic DIY sessions. Nassim Lachaub, Doobie, Eniz, Harry Lintell and their crew own the streets while one of the last glorious inverts from Ben Raemers rounds out the edit perfectly. Appreciate the project and grab a zine. 

  • 3/30/2020

    Introducing The Joslin 2

    Introducing The Joslin 2

    Joslin breaks in his new Etnies shoe with a full part of ender-worthy tricks. Watch him rifle through his endless bag before putting down a groundbreaking switch frontside flip. The dude refuses to chill.

  • 3/05/2020

    Nassim Lachhab’s “Khouya” Part

    Nassim Lachhab's "Khouya" Part

    The graceful style might trick you into believing a five block huck is easy, but rest assured, Morocco’s Nassim Lachhab is a master in his field. Besides the high-flying hammers, the man has ledges on lock too. Take a hit of this part before your next session.