Free Open Source Modular System, Bespoke, Offers An Alternative To Skeuomorphic Virtual Eurorack Synths

Developer Ryan Challinor has officially released Bespoke, a free open source software modular synthesizer for Linux, macOS & Windows.

Unlike software modulars like Cherry Audio’s Voltage Modular and VCV Rack, Bespoke does not use a skeuomorphic interface designed to look like a hardware Eurorack modular.

Instead, it’s designed to let you create completely ‘bespoke’ patches. This freedom means that the developer was able to do some creative things with the user interface, like animating patch cables with the signals that they carry.

Here’s the official walkthrough video:

“Bespoke’s core design is to break everything into separate modules that can be patched together in a custom layout, much like a hardware modular. Bespoke is designed to be highly customizable, with the idea that any of the custom layouts that you create will be ‘bespoke’ to you as well,” notes Challinor. “In a way, Bespoke is like if I smashed Ableton to bits with a baseball bat, and asked you to put it back together.”

Pricing and Availability

Bespoke is available now as a free download for Mac, Windows, and Linux. It is open source, licensed with GPLv3. While it’s freeware, if you try it and like it, consider donating to the developer via his site to help support future development.