Track Notes Plugin By Final Mix Software Is FREE For A Limited Time

Final Mix Software offers the Track Notes ($7) plugin as a FREE download until the end of September.

Track Notes is a utility plugin that was designed to help you better organize your projects. It typically costs $7, but you can get it for free with the coupon code September2021 for a limited time only,

Have you ever regretted saving multiple versions of a project (SomeProject, SomeProjectA, SomeProjectA1, SomeProjectA11woohoothepizzaishere) without writing down the changes you made? One version has a slightly boosted EQ, the other has that dope new synth idea, and the last one had you recording a lit guitar solo just as the delivery guy rang the bell.

But which one is which?

Happens to me way too often. Well, the Track Notes plugin could prevent this problem.

What you’re getting here is a digital notepad for your DAW. No more, no less. It loads as an insert on any channel and stays there, recording any text you type into it. Modern productivity experts would call it a “second brain for your DAW.”

The obvious place to insert Track Notes would be the master channel, but I can also see it as the first insert on individual channels, with detailed notes about every plugin setting.

It all depends on how meticulous you want to be about making your life easier the next time you open a project. Track Notes is where you can keep any reminders, creative ideas, notes about the current EQ and compressor parameters, etc.

Yes, some digital audio workstations come with this functionality built-in (my go-to Studio One does, at least), but some others don’t. Either way, Track Notes is a handy little utility that you can add to your arsenal of productivity tools.

The user interface is a simple black background with white text. It’s cool that the plugin comes with this “dark mode” by default, but it wouldn’t hurt to have a few options, too. Perhaps the ability to adjust the font size, change the color, or even change the font.

That said, Track Notes is already super useful in its current form.

Visit the Final Mix Software product page linked below to grab Track Notes for free for a limited time only. The software is available in VST, AU, and AAX plugin formats for 32-bit and 64-bit hosts on Windows and macOS.

Download: Track Notes (FREE with coupon code September2021)

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