Staff Picks: 7 LANDR Distribution Artists We Loved in September

Thousands of artists trust LANDR Distribution to get their tracks on streaming platforms worldwide. But did you know we listen to every single submission? Here’s a taste of some of the talent that comes through our distribution community.

September is a special month for music. The blistering heat of the summer has passed, the sun sets sooner and lower in the sky and evening shows get a little bit cooler.

I’ve always found September to be a great month to discover new music—it’s a perfect time to find new jams to share with new classmates or cozy tracks to curl up and sip tea to.

In this edition, we’ve got a handful of newcomers to this monthly series.

You’ll find French house and techno, some ambient sketches, a bit of glitch-hop and deep cuts from the Seattle rap scene.

Rahel is the newest release from Martebar, a Paris-based electronic artist specializing in techno and ambient production.

The release is refined look at Martebar’s take on ambient, techno and minimal house.

Martebar clearly has a penchant modular synthesis.

Pay attention to interesting synths on “Line 22 to Canada”, pulsating ambience on Sharp and pounding bass on “Plant Based Emotional Behaviour”.

For the synth nerds out there, Martebar clearly has a penchant modular synthesis judging from the producer’s Instagram.

I love ambient music. Watching the steam rise from my morning coffee while blissing out to some spaced-out, meditative tones is a great way to turn on focus mode and relax.

EP2 from Telos fits the bill with a handful of plucky, pulsating and spacious ambient tracks.

I couldn’t find a whole lot about this artist online so we’ll just have to bliss out to this deep cut and keep our eyes peeled for more.

Switching gears, we’ve got some heartfelt indie rock from Vanilla Carnation with their new single Right Way.

The stripped-down arrangement makes room for the vocalist to come through with some interesting reflections on the trials of friendship and hard good-byes.

You’ve been selfish, impatient and at times extremely rude

But you’ve always been profoundly loving too

So if this is really the end, let’s do this the right way my friend

Let’s laugh and cry and laugh again, and say goodbye, my friend

Alright here’s some fun, chilled-out instrumental hip-hop production from J Baptiste.

In Growing Up, J Baptiste compiles a handful of short beat sketches with some interesting samples, synth sounds and drum production.

The experimental hip-hop EP is a quick tour into the mind of this budding producer.

The experimental hip-hop EP is a quick tour into the mind of this budding producer.

Loungy, stylish and casual are the words I’d use to describe this house-infused two-sided single from French producer Maceau.

The upbeat tracks are right at home as background music for your next cocktail hangout or as an obscure addition to your house deep cuts playlist.

The Paris-based producer seems to be fairly active with a handful of upcoming gigs in the Paris area if you’re interested and want to vibe out to his live set.

Here’s another ambient sketch from Flat Lake.

I’ll admit I initially was drawn to this release because of it’s aesthetically pleasing album artwork—but I was impressed by how well the music matched the imagery.

In Brace, I thought the droning sounds with clanging noises buried in the background suited the industrial aesthetic that the artist went with.

Also thought the ambient sound was relaxing and well constructed overall.

For the trap entry in this month’s edition of Staff Pick’s we’ve got Shine—the sophomore album from Seattle-based producer Vaughn.

It’s an excellent effort and I can tell the rapper put a lot of work into making a cohesive, thoughtful and interesting release.

Tasteful bars and production abound throughout Shine and it’s well worth the listen, especially if you’re looking for new rap to vibe out to.