So Kentucky actually looks like fried chicken? Kentucky map

It’s a testament to the power of brands that all over the world the US state of Kentucky has become forever be associated with fried chicken. But it turns out that for many, the connection between the state and battered poultry goes back way further than Colonel Harland David Sanders – right back to its very creation, in fact. 

The internet loves finding patterns, shapes and images on the world map – OK, and we have to admit we find it highly amusing too. After all, we loved the discovery that the planet is basically a cat playing with Australia. But this has to be the most ridiculous map interpretation yet.

That’s right, the Bluegrass State, which split with Virginia to become the 15th state in the union in 1792, is shaped in such a way that it looks like it’s being cooked up in a pan by a chef. Louisiana forms the chef’s boots and Minnesota his hat. Iowa, Missouri and Arkansas form the body in between. The frying pan? That’s Tennessee.

It’s fair to say that we never imagined we’d find ourselves reporting on the fact that the state of Kentucky looks like a serving of fried chicken – and yes, it does take the addition of a smiley face and an arm to help us see it, but once the shape’s been pointed out it’s impossible not to see.

The discovery isn’t new. In fact, some people claim this is how they were taught to locate Kentucky on a map at school. But those who missed out on that kind of illuminating geography lesson continue to be bowled over by the discovery on Twitter. “As someone who’s moved from Tennessee to South Carolina… I’ve jumped from the frying pan into the fire,” one person commented. We’ll certainly be able to find Kentucky on a map with no problem from now on.

Maps are a fascinating area of study, combining history geography and illustration. Kentucky turns out to be one place on the map that perhaps doesn’t need any additional design to help us locate it, but if you’re feeling inspired, check out our guide to map illustration to see how to create your own beautiful maps.

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