This $20 Coupon Code Gets You A FREE Plugin Alliance Product!

Plugin Alliance launched the Mega Sale with prices starting at $5 (over 135 plugins on sale). The company also offers a $20 coupon code with no minimum spend.

You can use the coupon code MEGA-SALE-20OFF to reduce the price of your order by $20, and there’s no minimum spend. In other words, you can use the coupon code to pay $9 for a $29 plugin or get a $19.99 plugin for free!

It’s worth noting that the code can be used only a single time per user account. On the other hand, even new accounts can use the coupon code (you can register now and use the coupon code in your shopping cart).

Plugin Alliance offers a diverse lineup of high-quality music production software on their website, covering all sorts of mixing and sound design tools across different price ranges. Let’s take a closer look at some of the stuff you can get for free or cheap during the sale.

Freebie Options (up to $19.99)

There’s actually a wide range of software to choose from in the sub-$20 price range. The plugins by Unfiltered Audio cost between $9.99 and $14.99 while being some of the craziest sound design tools on the market.

For example, you can get the Dent 2 ($14.99) distortion plugin or the Fault ($14.99) audio warping madhouse. Perhaps an even smarter purchase would be getting an awesome saturation/delay combo from Unfiltered Audio. Indent 2 and Sandman both cost $9.99, and you can grab them for free.

SPL plugins are also worth checking out. Their Attacker Plus plugin costs $19.99 on sale, and it’s a capable yet easy-to-use transient shaper.

Lindell Audio offers several $9.99 plugins. These are some tasty analog-style equalizers and compressors that mimic the sound and functionality of expensive hardware.

Last but not least, Brainworx offers a bunch of guitar pedals priced at $9.99 during the Mega Sale. And if you have a taste for hard-hitting kick drums, check out the bx_boom! ($19.99) plugin.

Bargain Options

Now that we’ve covered the freebies let’s take a look at some no-brainer deals. To be honest, there are too many options to cover, so I’ll mention just a few of my favorites here.

You’re more than welcome to leave a comment with your recommendation on what to get with the $20 coupon code.

If you don’t already own the Thorn synthesizer by DS Audio, it’s an absolute steal for $19.99 (with the coupon code applied). It’s a super-versatile modern synthesizer with countless features and 600 presets.

Byome by Unfiltered Audio is another crazy purchase for $19.99 (with the coupon code applied). You’re getting 40 different FX modules in a crazy virtual modular environment.

I purchased the Chop Shop plugin earlier today, and I’m super happy with my purchase. This is a handy go-to channel EQ with some remarkable secret powers (the Lo-Rider mode is fantastic).

The $20 Coupon Code

So, go to Plugin Alliance and check out the available products. Use the coupon code MEGA-SALE-20OFF to get $20 off your order. You can use the coupon code only once (although Plugin Alliance sometimes re-sets the code a few days later, giving everyone who used the code another $20 off).

Let us know what you purchased (or downloaded for free) in the comments section below.

More info: Plugin Alliance Mega Sale (use coupon code MEGA-SALE-20OFF for an added $20 discount)

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