Wait, did Apple just reveal two new MacBook Pro designs? MacBook Pro

Ah, the MacBook Pro. While devices like the iMac and even the iPad mini have finally seen their outdated designs given a refresh this year, Apple’s most powerful laptop is still looking a little old. But a new design update appears to have leaked, courtesy of none other than Apple itself.

Beta testers have spotted new screen resolutions listed within the seventh beta of MacOS Monterey, and they appear to reveal the screen size of not one, but two as-yet unreleased MacBook Pros. (Don’t fancy waiting? Check out today’s best Apple deals).

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As spotted by MacRumors‘ Steve Moser, the resolutions “3456 x 2234 Retina” and “3024 x 1964 Retina” don’t match any current models of the MacBook Pro. Right now, we have 3072 x 1920 for the 16-inch model, and “2560 x 1600” for the 13-inch. 

This suggests that not only will the 16-inch model be getting a bump in resolution, but the 13-inch model will be jumping in size – quite possibly to 14-inches. While it’s not entirely clear whether this would affect the size of the machine, Apple could well end up reducing the bezels around the display, allowing it to offer a larger screen in a similarly sized body – much as it did with the current 16-inch model (which used to be a mere, paltry, 15 inches). 

Of course, a bigger screen can only be a good thing for creatives. For anyone rocking the best graphic design software, every pixel counts. And a larger screen within a machine that’s just as portable sounds like a tantalising proposition for digital artists.

From the addition of an LED display to the power of the so-called M1X chip, we’ve already heard some pretty exciting rumours about the upcoming MacBook Pro – and now we can add larger screens into the mix. But if you’re feeling impatient, don’t worry – the current M1 MacBook Pro is as future-proof as it gets from a performance perspective. Check out today’s best deals below. 

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