Waves Sibilance De-Esser Is FREE For 24 Hours Only!

Waves Audio offers the Sibilance ($79 retail price) de-esser plugin as a FREE download for only 24 hours!

Sibilance is a transparent de-esser plugin developed by Waves. It typically costs $79 (currently on sale for $49) but you can get it completely free of charge for 24 hours only. A big thank you goes to BPB reader Aris for the info about this deal!

Unlike a traditional de-esser plugin, Sibilance takes advantage of resynthesis to remove harsh frequencies from a vocal or any other type of audio. It allows the user to make the vocal recording bright without over-emphasizing the syllables.

The plugin features a simple user interface. It shows a real-time waveform display with a gain reduction overlay. The control scheme consists of three knobs: Detection, Threshold, and Mode.

Adjust the Threshold value to catch the harsh frequency content and fine-tune the range of the effect. It is also possible to monitor the detected area of the signal with the Monitor switch.

Sibilance is easy to use and it’s suitable for a fast mixing workflow. Try it on a vocal recording or a voiceover and check if it delivers the same results faster than your current go-to de-esser.

Speaking of de-esser plugins, we recently featured another excellent plugin called T-De-Esser Plus.

Here’s more info about Sibilance:

“Powered by Waves’ innovative Organic ReSynthesis technology, this transparent vocal de-esser removes harsh vocal ‘s’ sounds faster than ever before, with exceptional quality – allowing you to make your vocals brighter without harshness.”

This exclusive free offer was launched by Valentina Bilancieri. You can check out her YouTube channel below. Thanks to BPB reader Christian H. for this piece of info about the offer!

To claim your free copy of Sibilance, visit the giveaway page linked below, log in to your Waves Audio user account, and click the GET SIBILANCE FREE button.

If your Waves Audio profile isn’t complete, you will be asked to fill out a quick survey first. It contains six questions about your music production skills and favorite music genres.

Hurry up because this offer is only available on September 30th and it will expire very soon. Once again, thanks to BPB reader Aris for the info!

More info: Waves Sibilance (FREE for 24 hours only!)

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