Create and Destroy: Neckface

  • 1/25/2021

    “Phelper’s 9 Lives” Comix by Neckface

    "Phelper's 9 Lives" Comix by Neckface

    Jake Phelps swerved the Grim Reaper for decades. His near-death experiences only made him stronger. In a twisted tribute that Jake would have loved, Neckface celebrates some of Phelper’s brushes with death.

  • 1/05/2021

    T-Eddy Awards 2020

    T-Eddy Awards 2020

    Last year was the worst, which means we’ve got an extra-stacked pack of T-Eddys for the skate world’s gaffes and god-awful moments. Plenty of praise in there, too! Don’t get pissed if you made the list.

  • 11/18/2020

    Neckface: People I’ve Known

    Neckface: People I've Known

    For years, Neckface’s identity was shrouded in mystery. At some point the mask slipped a bit and now he weaves in and out of the spotlight as he pleases. Neck has stories for days.

  • 8/12/2020

    My War: Beagle

    My War: Beagle

    Beagle’s trick curse was lifted with his epic ender from Baker 4, but it sure as hell didn’t come easy. A real skate filmer doesn’t just document the battles, he fights them, too.

  • 7/14/2020

    My War: Sammy Baca

    My War: Sammy Baca

    Baca got broke off going big for Baker 4, but no words can describe his dedication quite like this video. Twenty-seven bus trips from Vegas paid off in the end.