Making Vocal Samples: Marian and Sean of Revival Sounds Unpack Their Process

Marian and Sean are a Venezuelan singer-producer pop duo. After meeting in 2016 and discovering a shared love for recreating local pop hits, the two started creating their own tracks.

So far they’ve penned a handful of successful tracks including a break-out hit with “Flaming Love” and follow-ups with “Better to Know” and “Connection”.

While the duo takes inspiration from their American pop contemporaries, lately they’ve returned to their roots citing influences from Latin urban music and writing songs entirely in Spanish.

If you’re a fan of new Latin R&B and reggaeton-infused pop music like Rosalia and Bhad Bunny, keep your eye out for a handful of new music videos from the duo this year.

Marian and Sean are seasoned producers—that’s why they created Revival Sounds—a brand new sample pack label that produces and curates high-caliber vocals exclusively for LANDR Samples.

Here’s what we learned about Marian and Sean’s sample pack recording process