Berna 3 Turns Your Computer Into A 1950’s Electronic Music Studio

Berna 3, a virtual studio described as a ‘love letter’ to mid-century electronic music studios, is now available for macOS. A Windows release is scheduled for release later this month.

Here’s what the developer has to say about it:

“Berna is an experience, a world of instruments that transport you to the age of the pioneers of electronic music.

Use 12 Function generators, 6 filters, 8 modulators, plus oscilloscope, four tracks tape recorder, two track tape recorder and four independent tape loops and effects with warm analog sound.

The user of Berna 3 has the opportunity to build their own compositions starting from the instruments and practices that defined electronic music at its origins.”

Pricing and Availability

Berna 3 is available now for macOS for 25.00€. The Windows version is expected later this month.