Variety Of Sound Releases FREE ThrillseekerXTC mkII Exciter

Variety Of Sound releases ThrillseekerXTC mkII, an updated 64-bit version of its popular psychoacoustic audio exciter effect.

ThrillseekerXTC mkII is yet another release in Variety Of Sounds brand new lineup of 64-bit VST plugins. We recently covered the long-awaited FerricTDS mkII update, and we’ve been following the story ever since the first time Variety Of Sound announced they’re going 64-bit.

Exciters don’t fall under the “bare essentials” category of mixing and mastering tools. If you could pick only two mixing tools to take on a desert island (what a super-realistic scenario!), you’d probably opt for an EQ and a compressor.

Our writer Emanuil would probably choose a tremolo and a phaser, but he’s weird like that.

Either way, exciters are often used along with saturation tools and modulators to add some character and depth to sounds. They won’t ever make a bad mix sound good, but they sure can make a good mix sound excellent (if utilized properly).

As the developer states on the ThrillseekerXTC mkII product page, it’s all about “bringing mojo back.”

Variety Of Sound has a knack for developing state-of-the-art mixing tools and releasing them as freeware. Their FerricTDS mkII plugin is one of the best tape saturation plugins around, and ThrillseekerXTC mkII is among the finest exciter plugins ever released.

The new “mkII” edition of ThrillseekerXTC is now compatible with 64-bit plugin hosts on Windows. Of course, 32-bit plugin hosts are still supported. It seems that macOS support isn’t yet on the horizon, though, so Variety Of Sound plugins are still a Windows exclusive.

Under the hood, ThrillseekerXTC mkII delivers improved level calibration, a refined DRIVE/MOJO, internal oversampling, and some improvements in the mid-frequency range.

Here’s how Variety Of Sound describes the plugin:

“ThrillseekerXTC mkII is a psychoacoustic audio exciter based on a parallel dynamic equalizer circuit. It takes our hearing sensitivity into account, especially regarding the perception of audio transients, tonality, and loudness.”

You can download ThrillseekerXTC mkII for free from the Variety Of Sound website. You don’t need to sign up or activate the software.

If you haven’t used Variety Of Sound plugins in the past, hurry up and download their updated 64-bit effects. If it could, I’m sure your DAW would thank you. And for more excellent freeware, take a look at Airwindows.

Download: ThrillseekerXTC mkII (14.5 MB download size, ZIP archive, 32-bit & 64-bit VST plugin format for Windows)

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