Adidas Honors Tyshawn Jones

Our 2018 Skater of the Year not only has the trophy, but he’s got his own restaurant, a signature shoe and now a wall dedicated to his greatness. Even better, adidas put it right down the block from his Taste So Good spot in the Bronx. This is one fine addition to the neighborhood. Congrats, TJ!

210918 NYC 00177 TaketomoOn top of Chance the Rapper’s album art, artist Brandon Breaux painted this masterpiece. High honors for our guy      Photo: Taketomo

210918 NYC 00527 TaketomoProud mom made it out before feeding the attendees    Photo: Taketomo

Tyshawn Jones adidas wall 2 updateStoked out with Who Kid and the whole block. Add this sight to your next New York trip

1500 Tyshawn Jones Switch Nosegrind Columbus Park TaketomoLet’s take a quick look at some highlights from the man himself. Before he had a wall, he had a shoe. Laced up with a switch nosegrind over the top at Columbus Park     Photo: Taketomo

The record of his epic 2018 run is etched in stone—and on Rusty. Rewatch the hardest can clips New York’s ever seen