Interview: ASOTER

To embrace life’s chaos and recycle it into fuel for the mind, into inspiration for the world, all while the sands of time readies it’s heavy hand, ready to strike down on the warrior, ready to stop the momentum of this visual revolution. Be it in the kitchen, or painting trains with UFO’s, Asoter understands what is required of him. Much like the famous Mexican muralists, Asoter embraced his gift and declared to the world that he is alive & flourishing and does so on every billboard, train & wall he can find. It’s a unique exchange, where the warrior dedicates himself to the movement and does so with style. So much that the sands of time stop and one Asoter is cemented into the revolution of our minds, forever more. 

– Jehu OSD

Los Angeles graffiti, there is nothing else like it. Tell the world about the beautiful chaos that is LA and where you fit into all of it.

If of course I am going to talk about my time, I lived there for more than 8 years, I had the opportunity to see all that chaos that is talked about, trafficking, drugs, prostitution, murders, gangs, and the dodgers game of course! LOL

But let’s go to the scene of graffiti, for me considered the largest bitrina, showcase in the world in that field. Los Angeles is full of inspiration and cultural diversity, Los Angeles has more museums and theaters than any other city in the United States. And of course one of the most dangerous cities in the world too, there are places that you might think that you can paint without any problem, but the reality is that no, it is full of gangs, crooked, crazy, places where your life is in danger and I do not speak alone at night, but also in the day.

“My family has become a very important part of my graffiti, I have all their support”

What does your family think? Do they ever tell you anything after passing by one of your billboards or street spots?

Well at first it was difficult acceptance, suddenly it was like:

Are you already painting another time? One day they will grab you and go to jail. That is what they used to say, after a while my family has become a very important part of my graffiti, I have all their support and they tell me that it is impressive to see my work when they go down the street, and some of them have seen the train pass by with a Asoter, and they tell me that it is even more imprecionate.

“Each wall, train or billboard is an opportunity to express my feelings”

How long have you been painting?

20 years

Mexico is long known for it’s powerful muralists, Diego Rivera, Siqueiros, Orozco and you, carrying on tradition. Revolutionary work at the highest level. Describe your mindset approaching a spot you are about to paint.

It is a very important point, each wall, train or billboard has something special, each place is an opportunity to express my feelings in so many ways, that adrenaline that gathers inside arrives, suddenly there is that connection between the surface and me just ……. let it flow.

“Mexico it is a country that always has graffiti”

Your pieces are alive, growing like roots, flourishing under the earth. Tell me about your style, the lens in which you see your art & the world. Who were your early inspirations?

At the beginning of the 2000s, curiously, I started painting trains before everything else, from there that love for art in motion grew, I remember seeing works by Biter TBK, Paser MFK, Natrl GL KOG, they definitely inspired me too much, in the beginning there were no social networks like now. The inspiration was very pure! Walking through the streets of Los Angeles and finding work of Saber, Atlas, Arbe, Siner, Revok, Kosh they were a great inspiration too, they always motivated me to continue developing what today I consider as my style. Carnagesoter

Diego Rivera said, “I know now that he who hopes to be universal in his art must plant in his own soil. The secret of my best work is that it is Mexican.” For those that don’t know, describe the graffiti movement in Mexico. How special it is, how the streets are lit up.

Well, in Mexico it is a country that regularly always has graffiti, especially the big cities, most of the graffiti artists are always active, it is a very interesting movement always in the fight to stand out, you know, it is a different scene from LA for example here is more than throw ups, it’s rare to see burners but I think that’s where we go!

“I like to experiment with recipes from other countries”

What’s something people wouldn’t expect to know about you?

The kitchen; It is definitely something that I usually do and I enjoy it too much, I like to experiment with recipes from other countries and of course I love Italian cuisine, I like to cook for my family and friends. Another thing I like to do is go mountain biking, go to the forest and spend a day with friends on bikes, I love nature.

“After painting, cook a pasta or a pizza for the family, after painting being with the family is my trophy”

Describe a perfect day, in the life of Asoter.

Very good first it would be to wake up early, I like to wake up early, feel that morning cool, organize my painting to go to the place of the trains, the peculiar metal smell, find one of those rare autoracks, some white pw or a very rusty one. Now, to be able to have that connection with the wagon, paint a great wildstyle as I like, return home and cook a pasta or a pizza for the family, after painting always the family is my trophy, I adore spending time with them.​

I see you designing clothes as well, have you seen your clothes on random people in public?

If I have sometimes seen people wearing the clothes I have designed, I am proud of it.

What has graffiti taught you?

It has taught me to share, grow, value, enjoy, but above all to realize my qualities, with graffiti I learned that what you can do is only a matter of practice, discipline and perseverance, I have also known that there are possibilities infinite, it’s just a matter of connecting mind body and spirit!

“I thought they could be motorized police since those lights were moving fast”

What are some of the craziest things you’ve seen while out painting?

What a good question, I think I’ve seen many things throughout my career, some really amazing, but without a doubt there is one that left a mark on me.

I remember that it was a quiet night for the year 2013 but less, with a mild climate, I was painting a train with two more people, when suddenly two large shadows appeared between the trees, they were very large and with strange shapes, they disappeared for a moment and two lights appeared, suddenly I thought they could be motorized police since those lights were moving fast, (I’m talking about a yard in the middle of nowhere, so it was very strange to see people there), suddenly those lights disappeared and they appear in another place with more intensity of a bright blue color, the two meet in the center of the field and disappear, I was really very nervous, very impressed. Until then I am convinced that we are not alone on this planet.

What does the future hold for you?

The future is very uncertain. What I can tell you is that if I continue doing what I love, keeping my feet on the ground, practicing, persevering, respecting, and enjoying, that will bring me positive consequences and therefore they will be accompanied by success!

To see more of Asoter’s work head to his IG @_asoter_