Stompboxtober Day 5: Keeley Omni Reverb

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Omni Reverb

Keely Omni Reverb

When you really think about it, it’s hard to grasp just how much reverb contributes to the feel of music. Reverb defines the mood, the space you hear, and it can even define an entire genre, an entire time period of music. Space … time. The most central elements of reality! The Omni Reverb is designed to fill the space and time around your notes with perfect depth and measure, and offers three perfect settings for guitar: Room, Spring, and Plate. Because nothing captures all of the elements of classic guitar tones like these three reverbs. With the Omni Reverb you simply select the style and then dial in the Dwell length. Add whatever volume Level to fill your guitar space and you’re ready to get back to making timeless music.

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