MOE Analog Chorus 60 Clones Classic Roland Juno-60 Circuitry

Made On Earth (MOE) has announced pre-orders for the MOE Analog Chorus 60, described as “a perfect clone of the original Juno-60 chorus circuit.”

Here’s what they have to say about it:

It uses 2x “xvive mn3009” and the original Panasonic “2x mn3101” chips (rare parts!), original transistors 2SC1815, 2SA1015 and 2SK30A-GR with the exact same circuit.

Instead of the two buttons with only three rate modes, we added a knob to smoothly control the rate of the chorus, depth of the modulation and the stereo width. (the rate of the original modes is clearly printed around the rate knob for easy recreation of the original rates)

We also added ext lfo/cv input to apply other modulation sources and input gain to accommodate any type of instruments (guitars or synthesizers).

Housing in a high quality aluminum case with durable UV printing and high quality “Alpha” potentiometers.

Pricing and Availability:

The MOE Analog Chorus 60 is available now for 1,700.00 ? (about $525).