CRAZE is my name. I write. Been doing it since 1997 in the french caribbean with my homies. We were teenagers back then. I went to Paris to study Arts in 2002. At this time, tags and also yard painting were my favorite things. The funny part of the story is that I almost quit writing in 2007 until 2014 when I finally came back with a big motivation. I actually enjoy painting in the streets but doing burner walls with characters plus background is also something I dig. I freestyle most of my walls cause preparing sketches and colorschemes is kinda boring to me. Most of the time I only bring a bunch of comics characters then I pick one. The letters come afterwards.

Trucks are my favorite format. You can easily guess why. They move inner city but also outside and you can paint them in some crazy atmosphere. I paint them old, I paint them new, i paint them all ! Ha ha ha ! Writing your name on them is quiet satisfiying as long as people can see them wherever they go.

My style comes from a mix of various other styles that influenced me all along my life. It’s basically a good mix of some of NYC styles plus some Euro ones (old ones as new ones, depending the spot, the action and what comes to my mind).

I like so many different styles ! it’s such a big thing ! It goes from nyc to L.A, to Philly to SF until Berlin, Paris, Hamburg, LDN, CPH… I guess I’m totally addicted to the discipline .

It’s not so easy to describe what I like cause my influences grow and change continually. I think you should maybe tell me how you see my style, what you feel or not… Would definitely be funny to hear.

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