Sensae from The Worlds Famous Seventh Letter Crew , Stkcrew. I am from the San Gabriel Valley located 15 minutes from Los Angeles California. I started doing graffiti in the mid-90s I started doing graffiti on the buses then moved on to walls. I was inspired by a lot of the older writers From the east side Who paved the way for my generation. I don’t have a specific style I just paint what I feel I guess certain times can be shapes and letters or fonts or just whatever comes to mind. I definitely owe a lot of the techniques and certain Letter structures to my boy Aloy MSK He is constantly on my ass to evolve and keep getting better. I really dig a lot of styles that come from overseas these days there definitely setting the bar high. My Seventh Letter fam Has inspired me to do better and produce better work. I’m currently managing the made fresh Graffiti shop located in Compton California we have curated some of the greatest walls that have been painted in the last few years here on our building with artists from all over the place come by and check us out. My goal is to be the best role model I can be for my family and the next generation to teach them that there are better outlets than drugs and alcohol do the best you can do At everything you put your heart into. peace to The Seventh Letter Crew, Stk’s, and Made Fresh Pro Team #fuckcovid

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