Dom Sigalas Claps Vault – Pop (WINNERS ANNOUNCED)

Dom Sigalas releases Claps Vault – Pop, a collection of custom-made super claps. Dom kindly offered 10 free copies of the instrument to 10 lucky BPB readers in this exclusive 24-hour giveaway.

These claps are available as samples or playable with Steinberg’s free HALion Sonic SE virtual instrument. HALion Sonic SE is available in AU, VST2, VST3, and AAX formats for macOS and Windows.

The pack was available as an exclusive freebie for Dom’s email subscribers a couple of weeks ago (thanks to BPB reader Chris S. for the info!), and now it’s on sale. However, Dom was kind enough to offer ten FREE copies of the library for BPB readers.

Claps Vault – Pop (£6.99) is a collection of 46 custom claps that are ready to go straight into your production. The claps result from meticulous sound design using various drum machines, synths, and analog processing.

When I say ready to go straight into your production, I mean they are high-quality samples put together by someone who knows their stuff. But, every project is different, and even great samples typically need a little work before they are a perfect fit.

So, if it’s not a perfect fit straight off the bat, you end up adding and tweaking plugins. If you’re lucky, it’s a quick process; if not, you get stuck in that annoying, can’t quite find perfection zone where minutes turn to hours.

The idea behind the instrument version is to give you more control over the source sound to save messing around later. It’s with HALion Sonic SE that you can add Dom’s special Sauces via his carefully crafted controls.

Using the Tightness, Punch, Magic, and Sweet Spot controls, you can shape each clap to the nth degree, ensuring it sits perfectly in your project.

Essentially, the instrument version turns 46 claps into an almost limitless supply of percussive sounds.

Many producers underestimate the importance of the right clap or any other seemingly more minor aspect of the production. It’s probably fair to say it’s mostly early-stage producers, but it’s something more experienced producers can get lazy with, too.

Taking a one-clap-fits-all approach can ruin an otherwise promising project. It doesn’t matter how impressive the harmonies are or how technical the performance is if you use a clap that doesn’t hit right.

The only honest feedback you’ll get is that the clap is too weak, too overbearing, or something else along those lines.

Claps Vault – Pop should make a sometimes tedious process shorter for its users.

This library came as a follow-up to Dom Sigalas Modern 80’s Drum Kit release.

If you haven’t already, it’s worth checking out Dom’s official YouTube channel, especially if you are a Cubase user; lots of very cool stuff there.

The Giveaway

Dom Sigalas kindly offered ten FREE copies of “Claps Vault – Pop” to ten lucky BPB readers. Thanks, Dom! 😊

We will keep the giveaway short and sweet. Leave a comment below to enter the giveaway, and we will announce the winners tomorrow (Saturday, October 16th).

That’s right, the giveaway only lasts for 24 hours! So hurry up and enter for a chance to win a free copy of Claps Vault – Pop.

The has officially ended and the lucky winners are:

1) HPN

2) Eternal Kontrol

3) Arshan

4) da

5) Gotno

6) Silvio Justo

7) Cuneyt Karayalcin

8) Jim siderius

9) George Mavrikis

10) triley37

Winners, please check your email for the instructions on claiming your prize.

Everyone else, better luck next time (we have more giveaways coming very soon), and thanks for reading BPB! ❤️

More info: Claps Vault – Pop (£6.99)

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